Paco Conde, CCO/Founder ACTIVISTA Los Angeles:

“During the 4 years, I was lucky enough to team up with Quito Leal and realized that there are two of him. One is an amazing Art Director whose level of demand is greater than any art director I´ve ever met in my entire career. The other one is an excellent creative who creates concepts, writes scripts and builds brands as the best copywriters. I don´t know how he manages to do both things at the same time, and so well. What I do know is that whoever works with him, will be fortunate enough to have 2 excellent professionals in a single person.”

Eduardo Marques, CCO PUBLICIS/EMIL Amsterdam:

“Quito is incredible within the team, his hunger is incredible, and his organization skills are amazing. Besides his talent, Quito is an incredible person, loved by everyone, including the client. I had the pleasure to work with Quito in a huge campaign for a big client, and the result was beautiful!”

Mauricio Alarcon, CCO/Founder THE CONQUISTADORS COLLECTIVE New York:

“Big ideas. Small details. That’s what you get with Quito, an amazing art director and a great man. You can’t ask for much more.”